We encounter every day in newspapers, on the radio or even on canvas through advertisements that induce us to buy. This so-called “classic” marketing, conveys and the desire for a certain article. It creates a need in us. With the spread of the Internet, a new strategy emerged. This new platform was also used to advertise articles and so-called online marketing was born.
This article explains the structures and peculiarities of online marketing based on various considerations.
Table of Contents:
  1. Online Marketing vs. Classic marketing
  2. Quick success through online marketing
  3. Online Marketing Variants
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Video marketing
  • Content marketing
  • Search engine marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Other forms of online marketing

1. In our Hildesheim advertising agency we differentiate between online vs. Offline marketing

The main difference between these two forms of marketing is easy to see. Online marketing is based on the Internet platform. But are there other differences?
The so-called AIDA principle is used in both variants. AIDA stands for Attention, Interest, Desire and Action and describes how marketing should attract customers. With “Attention” you want to make your product known. This is intended to generate “interest” for the customer. Once this is done, the purchase will be completed with “Desire” (desire for the product) and “Action” (purchase of the product). But this is where the differences begin. The internet as a platform offers many advantages.
On the one hand, the speed is of course much higher than in traditional marketing. The ad can be placed more quickly and the customer’s reaction time is significantly reduced by purchasing in an online shop. Furthermore, the target group can be tailored and optimized in more detail through restrictions. In this way, the advertisement is only shown to those customers who appear suitable according to defined selection criteria. The entry barrier is also significantly lower than, for example, in print media. Due to the low cost of a few cents per ad, even smaller companies can draw attention to themselves.

2. Quick success through online marketing

However, many companies shy away from investing in this area. Often they are not aware of which strategy online marketing is pursuing and what it is supposed to achieve. Due to the necessary and different marketing strategies or concepts, this form of customer acquisition can quickly look confusing and at the beginning also look tedious. As a result, few companies are currently able to use this platform. Although the successes become visible relatively quickly and companies that do online marketing often take over the market leadership. The awareness of the brand is increased more clearly than in traditional marketing and is thus present with more people. After all, in the digital world there are no longer any barriers that can restrict a campaign. But sales can also be increased. Due to the increased visibility and accessibility of the company, many more potential target customers are addressed and the click to the online shop is made much easier. Compared to traditional marketing using print media, the biggest difference can be seen here.

3. Online Marketing Variants

If you look at online marketing in more detail, you can also see different characteristics and approaches. The most important types are discussed below.

Affiliate Marketing

If the company is interested in the pure marketing of products, affiliate marketing is best. The so-called affiliates are sales employees who offer products on various online platforms and sell them to customers. By making this sale, you earn a commission With this type of product distribution, the risk to the company is very low. A commission is only due in the event of success. If the customer cancels the sale, the right to the remuneration of the sales employee also expires.

Video marketing

As a substitute for TV advertising, video marketing can be used in the online area. In this area, a corresponding advertising message is packaged in a video and uploaded online on known platforms such as YouTube or MyVideo. An important criterion for ensuring an optimal product presentation is perfect preparation. A visually appealing marketing video can only be created with the right choice of topics, equipment and lighting conditions. Overall, it can be said that each video has its own message and brings the advertising closer to the user in its own individual way.

Content marketing

If you want to disseminate a lot of information, so-called content marketing is best. Similar to a newspaper or trade magazine, an exciting topic is clearly summarized in a text. A good structure, good readability and a pleasant writing style will cast a spell over the reader. If there are still suitable pictures and videos in this article, you will get a multimedia advertising message. This gives the whole thing a professional impression and loosens up the pure information text. When creating a text, it is important that the article is structured and divisible. This means that social media buttons can be easily incorporated and linking to other texts is improved. Furthermore, the corresponding keywords for search engine optimization must be incorporated in sufficient numbers. The dissemination of the text is also important. Depending on the target group, various portals and social networks are available.

Search engine marketing

If one tries to address the potential customers directly in a search engine, one speaks of search engine marketing. Here advertisements and billboards are displayed above or next to the search results. This form is very cost-efficient due to the visibility only with a matching keyword. Furthermore, a fee is only charged per CPC (Cost per Click). Only when the potential customer clicks on the advertisement and is actively directed to the subpage is the commission due. The amount of the commission varies depending on the keyword used, the age of the account and the quality of the ad. So it happens that different companies with different campaigns for the same keyword are charged different prices.

Social media marketing

Real advertising campaigns can now also be observed in social networks. Facebook alone currently has around 1.4 billion users, Twitter is listed on the stock exchange and the social network “Google+” has over 2.5 billion unique users. Thus, the potential is huge and the reach of the campaigns is enormous. In contrast to search engine marketing, the target groups are specifically filtered based on demographic data and interests. This means that these advertisements must be precisely aligned.

Other forms of online marketing

In addition to the types of online marketing already described, there are of course a whole range of other variants. The best known are email marketing, white label marketing and display marketing. As the name suggests, email marketing is all about getting your advertising message to the customer via email. However, the e-mail address must be available and the customer must have given his consent. Special tools and cookies are used in the e-mail to monitor the achievement of goals. These track the key figures and transmit them to the client. With white label marketing, the campaigns are used free of company names. It is therefore not clear which company is behind the advertisement. This should optimize the conversion rate. The integration of classic advertising banners in websites is also still available in online marketing. This so-called display marketing combines the content of a website with your own product within an advertising space on the edge. Thus the potential customer has a direct connection to the product offered.Webseite mit dem eigenen Produkt innerhalb einer Werbefläche am Rand. Somit hat der potenzielle Kunde eine direkte Verbindung zu dem angebotenen Produkt. 12:53

Every day we are enticed into buying by newspapers, on the radio or even on screens. This so-called “classic” marketing, conveys and the desire for a certain article. It creates a need in us. With the spread of the Internet, a new strategy emerged. This new platform was also used to advertise articles and so-called online marketing was born.
This article explains the structures and peculiarities of online marketing based on various considerations.